Tuesday, May 10, 2011

salam to all

its been a while, i haven't updated my blog! the last was August 2010!!! Its MAY 2011 now!!! I think it is too late for me to greet HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Better Late than NEVER i guess! Well, 2011, I might say it a moment of change for me ... from my work place to my life! These changes had shown me what life is all about!!!

Now I'm back working in the office, no more teaching (the end of my teaching profession, i guess so .. 2010!!!) no more students! Now I'm updating programmes for next year courses ... PAPER WORK!!!! Oh My!!!! How can i make myself in love with paperwork?!!! Please help me!!! LOL!!!

Ok apart of that, I'm now a member of Darusysyifa'warafahah, joining the course as well!!! It's really worth joining it! Apa nya orang 'NDA RUGI'. The Lecturers were specially invited from Darusyifa, Malaysia. We started the course on 9th April 2011, and was conducted by Prof. Dr Haron Din... To be honest, at first I thought the course was only memorising those prayers! ... rupanya, banyak yang dipelajari .... recently we learned the topic on WATER (3rd class so far).

Surprisingly the water can be influenced by various factors i.e. sound, pictures, food chemical and odour! The water is a recording element! Now, let us look at ourselves - our bodies are made up of average 70% of water. Meaning in our life, our body is recording whatever we see, we sense, we smell, we eat and so on!!! From here we can see the connection, alam akhirat, semua anggota badan akan menjadi saksi di atas perbuatan kita sewaktu di dunia!!!

Ok then, I think that about it for this tym, will try to update it more soon, sharing is caring especially in sharing ilmu ALLAH!!

menghitung hari .....

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