Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Ramadan to all Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world

Salam to everyone! Its been a year I haven't update my blog!!! LOL!!!! I was kind of busy (I guess!!! hehehehehe .... busy with my facebook!!!!) Anyway, I would like to convey my RAMADHAN greetings to all my families (wherever you are!!!), my friends - DTE, MTSSR, KFM and others, not forgetting my students (ex & current students)

BTW, let us look into the definition of FASTING in the month of RAMADHAN - Ramadan -a month of obligatory daily fasting in Islam is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar. Daily fasts begin at dawn and end with sunset. Special nightly prayers called, Taraweeh prayers are held. The entire Quran is recited in these prayers in Mosques all around the world. This month provides an opportunity for Muslims to get closer to ALLAH.

I think that's all for now .... at least I have updated my BLOG!!! To WADI ... I'm still here SaY!!! LOL!!!! Salam & Grab all the opportunities during this month to be closed to ALLAH .....

menghitung hari .....

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